Lake Finance

A fintech (financial technology) company for millennials, on a mission to help our generation improve their financial well-being by giving them smart financial tools.

The biggest challenge with Lake was not only to attract people to use new technology but also to address millennials as a primary user of the product and appeal to an older generation that is willing to invest today.

The solution is to simplify the design and narrative of the brand and product itself, so millennials and older generations can easily understand the new technology.

Branding, Web Design, Poster Design, 2018

Typeset in Steradian by Emtype Foundry
Series of posters for a digital campaign.

Alpha is used in finance as a measure of performance, indicating when a strategy, trader, or portfolio manager has managed to beat the market return over some period.

Alpha, often considered the active return on an investment, which is exactly what offers to its clients.

Explanatory video animation for social media.